Successful social media strategies demand authenticity. But what does that actually look like when you are juggling a million different tasks, trying your best to stay strategic, and work in a boring office environment that’s not exactly photogenic?

Here are 15 ways to bring some authenticity by doing a quick recorded or live video or creating a photo post with a great caption or overlay. This is perfect Story content for Instagram and Facebook too.

All of these ideas will feel like a window into your organization and the people who work there, and that’s authenticity in a nutshell. And they are all pretty easy (don’t overthink it!).

If you do all of them, that’s three weeks of weekday posts! They can all be repeated with different staff members, creating even more content.

Explain why you are doing what you do in a few sentences.

Talk about a day that makes it all worth it.

Talk about how you keep doing it, even when it’s hard.

Talk about the flubs and frustrations.

What do you love about your work and why?

What do you talk about after work about your job with friends and family?

What are some honest reactions to news and culture?

How about a meme that reflects how everyone is feeling in the office today?

Do a quick post before the meeting (what do you expect?) and after the meeting (how did it go?).

Take us on a little tour . . . “Let’s go see what’s happening today with  . . .

Zoom in on something in the office (a bookshelf, the mug collection). What does it say about your organization?

Describe your own creative process.

Describe teamwork and friendships at work.

Show learning or new skills building.

Anything silly or quirky – individual staff members, teams, happenings.

If you use any of these examples as inspiration, share them with us! You can post links in the comments or tag us @npmktgd.

Published On: May 16, 2019|Categories: Social Media|