I turned 40 this week and as part of the ongoing celebration, I am raising $500 for Positive Wellness Alliance through my online network.

I want to give a BIG THANKS to those who have contributed so far:

Via the Facebook Birthday Cause App for a total of $345:

Alnisa Allgood
Nancy Schwartz
Jono Smith
Ginette Isenberg
Holly Ross
Rachel Wood-Pena
Katya Andresen
Sherri Wood
Bob Muller
Jay Hall
Joanne Goodwin Granese
Sam Beck

Via the Chip-In I created for attendees of today’s webinar to raise the remaining $155:

Rebecca Ruby
Kathleen Pequeno
Johanna Goldberg
Linda Saffell
Lee Carty
Erik Molvar
Robert Sanford
Elenor Hodges

You are all AMAZING. Thank you!

But here’s the thing. I am still $85 short of my $500 goal. That’s just 17 $5 donations – or just about 1% of the subscribers to this blog. Make a $5 donation right now and you will not only be placed on my “Coolest-Hottest Friends” list, but even better, I will send you the links to the recording of today’s webinar “Forget the General Public! How to Define and Research Your Target Audience” — even if you didn’t register for it.

Why This Cause?

I serve on the PWA board and believe deeply in the cause, which is stopping the spread of HIV in our rural (and very conservative) part of North Carolina and providing assistance to those already infected with and affected by the disease.  The stigma associated with HIV is difficult enough as it is, but it’s even more challenging in the South. In fact, HIV infections are on the rise in these parts, even as they decline elsewhere in the U.S. PWA is doing great work in helping young people and others at risk learn how to protect themselves in a culture that doesn’t want to talk about or even acknowledge the existence of the disease and how it is spread. By contributing to this cause, you are truly a very cool and a very hot friend of mine.



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