tikimixeddrinksHere are some items I’ve bookmarked to share with you.

Shannon, a new director of communications at a nonprofit, has decided to blog the first 100 days of his new job, using “The First 100 Days in Your New Nonprofit Marketing Job” e-book I released in January as a guide.  Naturally, I think this is extremely cool and encourage others to do the same! I’ll add Shannon’s experiences and others I hear about to the e-book next time I revise it.

There’s new research on who leaves bequests to charity in their wills (this was especially interesting since we just did a webinar on starting a planned giving program). Bottom line according to this research: go after people without kids.

Web useability guru Jakob Nielsen has released some research showing how bad nonprofit websites negatively affect online donations. Donors said they wanted to know the organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and work and also how it uses donations and contributions. Nielsen also points out some “donation killers.”

Alison Fine has an interesting take on online fundraising, younger donors, and the implications for how you structure your fundraising campaigns in the future.

In the “know thy audience” department, check out this article on how people in their 20’s and 30’s hate voicemail. (I just turned 40 and I pretty much hate it too).

Convio is releasing the lastest edition of its annual Online Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Index study.

Gordon Barnes runs a blog with communications and PR jobs in the DC area, many with nonprofits, associations, etc.

Finally, those crazy kids at Network for Good have a new video out called Fundraiser v. Donor — do you see your organization here?

You can see the original video that inspired “Katya and the Gang” to make this one on Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog.

It’s been a long but happy birthday week for me. Thanks to everyone who supported my fundraiser — only $40 needed! Have a great weekend!

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