The power of humor in nonprofit marketing is vastly under-rated. That’s why I was so happy when Kerri Karvetski agreed to present a webinar on the topic for us last week. (See one of Kerri’s favorite examples).

The recording of that webinar is available now for All-Access Pass holders ($145 for three months — including the archive and upcoming live webinars).

Here are three of my favorite tips from Kerri . . .

1. Start by Sharing Funny Stuff by Others

Coming up with your own humor is a lot harder than just sharing what makes you laugh. When you come across funny things that are related to your work in some way, share them on Facebook and Twitter and see what kind of reaction you get. It’s a quick, easy way to test the waters with your supporters.

2. Customize Funny Stuff by Others

Did you know that you can easily “rent” political cartoons and even have them customized for you? Kerri shared a great resource called CagleCartoons and she says their rates are very reasonable.

3. Don’t Use Your First Idea!

Brainstorming and riffing off of ideas from others until you get it right is really important in humor. Every comedy show on TV has a full staff of writers who do tons of brainstorming together and who are constantly tweaking ideas. So don’t run with your first idea, but give yourself time to play around with it, to get feedback from others, and to build it into something that really does grab people by the funny bone.

Kerri also shared a ton of great examples of how nonprofits are using humor in marketing, advocacy, and fundraising, so if you are interested in connecting with your supporters via a laugh, get the All-Access Pass and check out the recording.

Today’s Book Giveaway

Can humor play a role in your nonprofit marketing or fundraising? Why or why not?

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