Many communications professionals — but certainly not all — are natural-born writers. And if you like to write, or if you tell good stories, you’ve probably been told, “You should write a book!”

So . . . should you?

As you may remember, Antionette Kerr and I co-founded a non-fiction book publishing company called Bold and Bright Media a couple of years ago. As book authors who are also now publishers, we want to help people explore that question and make the right decision for themselves.

We’ll be talking about that and a whole lot more during our new webinar series that starts next week:

  • Should You Write a Book?
  • How to Get That Book Out of Your Head
  • An Insider’s Guide to Publishing Non-Fiction

When I talk to people thinking about writing a non-fiction book, here are five questions I ask them:

1: Are you passionate enough about this topic to talk about it for at least the next two to three years? Your readers will want to talk to you about it long after you write it.

2: What would someone who reads your book do with it? Non-fiction isn’t just about entertaining . . . you want to leave readers with something they can use or be inspired by in their own lives. We’ll talk a lot about this and “frameworks” for readers to follow on the webinars.

3: Who’s going to buy it? If you don’t know, don’t write a book. Blog or create a PDF download instead — they take much less time and money to produce. Books are products that need buyers, and those buyers need value for their dollars (see #2 above!). So it’s very important to know and understand your buyers/readers.

4: How does a book fit into your other life or business goals? For 99% of authors, books don’t make a ton of money on their own, but they can definitely provide credibility to other income streams like consulting and speaking. A book should be part of a bigger plan.

5: What are you NOT going to do in order to make time to write? Even if you are blogging already — a strategy we will discuss in the webinars — you still have to put a lot of time into turning your writing into something that works as a book. Writing a book is A LOT of work.

Join us on the webinar series for more!

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