If you are interested in leveling up your team’s communications work, you should be having these five conversations.

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How can we think further ahead?

The most effective communications teams are agile and can act quickly as new assignments and opportunities come up. But if you are always thinking on your feet and saying Yes to the requests of the day, you’ll fail to be strategic long-term.

Thinking and planning ahead, even if only a month or two at a time, can help ensure that the most important narratives and calls to action don’t get sidelined by everything else that pops up.

How can we collaborate more effectively?

Communications work at its best is collaborative — you are working with others in your organization toward shared goals. Think about when working together now is either too hard or too slow and talk about ways to make those relationships and workflows more transparent and efficient.

How can we build more trust in the team?

Your capacity to do amazing communications work is connected to the level of trust that others have in you and your abilities. You can build trust in your competence in many different ways over time, such as by demonstrating your technical, operational, and political knowledge.

What can we let go of (even just temporarily)?

The overwhelming majority of nonprofit communications teams are trying to do too much. Part of being strategic is knowing where your work is absolutely essential and knowing what’s actually optional, no matter how great an idea it might be (and truthfully, a LOT of it is optional). You’ll need to let go of some of those optional things from time to time in order to give the essential things the attention they deserve.

How can we get more mileage from what we already do?

Getting the most out of the good content you create — repurposing — is one of the key skills that sets experienced comms professionals apart from the newbies. There are so many different ways to repurpose content that odds are you could be getting even more from your content than you are now, even if you think you are already repurposing.

Find your team’s Marketing Maturity Level here and get a customized training plan (it’s free).

Published On: August 22, 2019|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|