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Are you out of ideas for engaging supporters online? Try one of these tried and true digital engagement tactics to strengthen your relationships, move members to act, and build support for your programs and mission.

1) Try a Petition or Pledge

Feeding America Pledge

This is a bread-and-butter tactic for advocacy organizations, but lots of orgs can use this.

  • A pledge to vote, not buy from puppy mills, or to go vegetarian for a day
  • A petition to support or oppose legislation, policy, or funding
  • Sign a happy birthday, get well, congratulations or thank you card (this one’s popular with politicians)

Tools You Can Use For Petitions and Pledges
Google Forms
The Petition Site
Sign On
Nation Builder

2) Ask For Their Vote

Canine Companions Vote For Your Favorite Puppy

This can be an incredibly fun way to engage your audience, and with the right idea can work as an acquisition campaign.

  • Pick the next cover of our magazine or calendar
  • Pick a name for this puppy or artwork, or the location for the next symposium
  • Vote for your favorite childhood toy, historical exhibit, or park

Tools You Can Use for Voting Contests

3) Test Their Knowledge With a Quiz

gun safety quiz

Admit it. You’ve taken one of those “What Are You?” quizzes on Facebook. People love to test their knowledge, or find out which “wild animal,” “diva” or “Disney character” they are. It’s light and fun!

  • How much do you know about _____ (a historical figure or event, a place, or a disease)?
  • Can you name this place, painter, author or advocate?
  • Where in the world is this?

Tools You Can Use for Quizzes
Google Forms
Poll Everywhere
ProProfs QuizMaker
Quiz Creator (Facebook)

4) Ask For Feedback With A Survey

Rails to Trails Survey

Surveys work work well after events, in a welcome series, or annually.

  • How was your visit?
  • How can we help?
  • What are your priorities?

Tools You Can Use for Quizzes
Google Forms

5) Unleash Creativity With a Photo or Video Contest

Habitat for Humanity Photo Contest

Here’s what I love about these contests. Supporters love to show off their creativity. Even though only a few people submit videos or photos, many more lurk and observe, and perhaps even share. And you get free content that you can use for other communications.

NOTE: Mind the rules — the laws governing giveaways and the promotional guidelines for each social network.

  • Honor someone
  • Support a cause with an unselfie
  • Show us your favorite park, wildlife photo, architecture or playground

Tools You Can Use for Photo and Video Contests
Iconosquare (Instagram)

The universe of tools is enormous. What did I miss? Share your comments, favorite tools, and take on these tactics in the comments section.

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