mixed links 9612782882_b491c524dd_zHappy Friday, everyone – I hope you had a great week! Let’s finish it off with some Mixed Links…

We love Claire Meyerhoff for her straight-talk, and she’s dishing that out in spades in Your Donor Stories Are BAD.

But here’s storytelling done right – Watch this Brilliant Second-by-Second Storytelling Masterpiece.

Joanne Fritz is taking submissions for this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival until Saturday, July 25th. The theme is Year-End Fundraising.

If you are looking for supporters that aren’t baby boomers, you should read Millennials: How to Gain the Loyalty of Younger Generations.

And here’s The Agitator letting you know that when it comes to donating you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the Millennial basket just yet.

The Individual Donor Benchmark Report was just released by BC/DC Ideas and Third Space Studio. In the report you’ll find best practices to grow your individual donor fundraising through more strategic communications.

Coming up with stuff to write about can be the worst thing about having a blog. But the benefits far outweigh the frustration. Let Hubspot help you out a little with 4 Simple Ways to Choose the Best Blog Topics for Your Audience.

Need a new job in nonprofit communications or have a job opening at your nonprofit? Check out Nancy Schwartz’s weekly posts on Nonprofit Marketing Job Openings.

Let’s end on some good news – a new Giving USA report finds that donations for 2014 increased 7.1% and total giving was the highest it’s been since they started their report 60 years ago.

Nonprofit Training

July 30: Smart Nonprofit Marketing: Advice and Hacks for Working Faster, But Not Harder! with Kivi Leroux Miller

Have a great weekend! Hard to believe just 10 days ago this was my view. Yeah, I may still be in vacation withdrawal.

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