If you aren’t following Marketoonist by Tom Fishburne, you are missing out.

His recent cartoons on Digital Transformation are perfect for so many nonprofits.

There’s the one about the virtual meeting on digital transformation where the tech doesn’t work and someone asks for a fax.

And the one where the boss talks about how important digital transformation is . . . and then passes it off to the summer intern.

Digital transformation isn’t just about communications. It’s about the use of technology throughout your nonprofit organization. And it’s even bigger than that. It’s about people and processes and how they all work together as much as it is about software and networks.

And yet, guess who is often responsible for leading the rest of the staff — often kicking and screaming — through a digital transformation at a nonprofit? You guessed it! You, the communications director.

You know those nonprofits who have donors and other supporters in multiple databases, none of which talk to each other very well? Oh, that’s yours? That’s a digital transformation problem.

Or the communications director who gets stuck handling all the IT issues, from fixing the printer to recommending which computers to buy because “they are good with that stuff?” Again, a digital transformation problem.

These are much bigger issues that affect how your whole organization functions. It’s not just on you to manage it, even if you are the one who is in the best position to start those talks.

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