This week’s cartoon from Marketoonist made me laugh out loud . . .

You know why. Replace the Sale bag with a Donation Jar or a Volunteer Sign-Up form or any other nonprofity transaction tool and it’s pretty much the same cartoon, right?

But you don’t have to feel that way, and you shouldn’t, if you follow the approaches we talk about here all the time at Nonprofit Marketing Guide.

Earlier this summer, I suggested what to PUT in your newsletter — content that is Personal, Useful and Timely.

How you think about your newsletter comes through to your supporters right there at the sign-up form on your website. Here are three I like.

Segmenting your supporters into groups with like interests and similar relationships with you is another great way to help you create newsletter content you can feel confident about.

No need to pretend when you take the time to do it right! 

P.S. We paid a licensing fee to use this cartoon on a business blog. Don’t rip off Marketoonist or us by lifting it for your own commercial use. 


Published On: September 13, 2016|Categories: Email Marketing|