Get Your Annual Pass for $365Before you leave the office this week, don’t forgot to take care of getting your Annual All-Access Pass to Nonprofit Marketing Guide’s webinars and e-books for 2012. This is the only time of year we offer the Annual Pass for a dollar/day — $365. On January 1, it goes back up to $465.

Several people have asked me how our Weekly Webinar Series will change in 2012. Beyond being reserved for All-Access Pass Holders only, we are also adding some great trainers to the roster. These are the experts who I turn to when I have questions — people who think big about nonprofit marketing, but who can also help you with the nitty gritty details too. You don’t want to miss out on what they will offer in 2012.

  • Tom Ahern, Direct Mail and Donor Communications
  • Betsy Baker, Grantwriting
  • The Team at Big Duck — Multi-Channel Marketing and Audience Research
  • Kerri Karvetski — Copywriting, Email Fundraising, and Social Media
  • Claire Meyerhoff — Telling Your Story to the Media and Your Supporters
  • Gail Perry, Major Gifts Fundraising and Getting Your Board to Fundraise
  • Julia Reich, Graphic Design and Branding
  • Nancy Schwartz — Messaging and Branding
  • Tonia Zampieri and Susan Maravetz — Mobile Advocacy and Fundraising

    I hope you’ll join us in 2012 with an All-Access Pass.

    Published On: December 19, 2011|Categories: General|