Just about every day, I talk to a nonprofit staff person who thinks she is alone with the challenge or drama or weird situation she is in at work. And 95% of the time, I assure her I’ve heard it before.

If you feel isolated with what you think must be special dysfunctions of your nonprofit alone, you need to connect with others online.

My current favorite nonprofit Facebook Group is Nonprofit Happy Hour, which is an offshoot of Nonprofit with Balls.  It’s a very active, very helpful, and very opinionated group of people in all different kinds of nonprofit work, although fundraising and communications topics seem to dominate.

Another group is the Nonprofit Communications Professionals group. This is more targeted, but lately, I also find more promotional posts in this group. It’s definitely still worth joining.

As with any group, please read the descriptions and any pinned posts about expected group behavior. Lurk for awhile to get a feel for the place. Then join in the conversation. I promise, you aren’t alone!

Do you recommend other Facebook Groups or other online forums in general for bonding with others in this work? Share in the comments. 

Published On: August 24, 2016|Categories: Social Media|