2009beachI did a quick review of my traffic stats for this blog and here are the top ten most visited posts, ending with the most popular:

If Social Networking Isn’t Marketing, Why Bother?

Moving Your Print Newsletter to Email – 7 Tips

Where to Put Keywords on Your Web Page

Bunches o’ Studies and Stats on Nonprofit Marketing

Notes from “Building Your Online Presence on a Tight Budget”

Stand Out with Thank You Notes, Part II

Make Your Website about Visitors, Not About You

Website Tune-Up: Get Multiple Domain Names

Registration Now Open for Fall Webinar Series (This is obviously out-of-date, so check out our current webinar series schedule instead.)

Board Lists in Annual Reports – Past or Current?

But traffic isn’t everything. What about looking at posts based on the number of comments they received? The list looks a little bit different, again with the most popular post last.

Five Questions Nonprofits Should Answer with Stories

Is Web 2.0 Software You Buy from Microsoft?

What Type of Blog Should Your Nonprofit Write?

Special Olympics Blows It With Tropic Thunder Boycott

Nonprofit Buzzword Bingo – Get Your Game Cards Now

Stand Out with Thank You Notes, Part II

Just How Much Branding Can One Nonprofit Take?

What I Learned About Nonprofits at the NC Conference

If Social Networking Isn’t Marketing, Why Bother?

After I Give, What Do I Get?

Why are you reading this blog? Tell me what you’d like me to write about in 2009 by leaving a comment on this post.

Happy New Year!

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