If you want to learn how to produce a top-notch email newsletter or ezine, my favorite site, far and above all others, is Ezine-Tips.com. The site isn’t for nonprofits specifically, but many of the lessons shared there can be applied easily to the nonprofit sector. The site covers everything from design and formatting to content creation and list management.

Here are three of my favorite articles, just from the last month or so, with good lessons that apply to the nonprofit sector:

Ezine Content Sources To Help Make Choosing Your Next Email Newsletter Topic a Breeeeeze!

Ezine Readers – Do Your Email Newsletter Members Pay Attention?

How Do I Make Any Money With An Email Newsletter?

Use the search engine on the site to go deep into the archives. If you are new to email newsletter publishing and you’ve got a question, I bet Chris Knight has covered it.

Published On: March 30, 2006|Categories: Email Marketing|