In December 2006, I taught a “Blogging for Nonprofits” workshop as part of Duke University’s certificate program in nonprofit management. You can access the course materials here: Kivi’s “Blogging for Nonprofits” Course.

Here is the course outline.

Blogging Basics

  • What is a Blog?
  • Blogging Lingo
  • How Blogs are Different from Other Online Tools
  • How Nonprofits Can Use Blogs
  • When NOT to Blog
  • Your Blogging Questions

The Five W’s and H of Blogging: How, Why, Who, What, When, and Where

  • How: Setting Up Your Practice Blog
  • Why: How Can a Blog Work for You?
  • Who: Who Writes and Reads the Blog?
  • What: Writing Good Blog Content
  • When: Fitting Blogging In
  • Where: Blogging Platforms

Review and Wrapup


The blogroll on the course site contains links to many great resources for nonprofit bloggers, as well as lots of example blogs to illustrate the points made in the course.

As I started to put the course together, I actually created two PowerPoint slides before hitting myself upside the head and asking, “I’m teaching about blogging. Why am I using PowerPoint, when I could use a blog?!?” Using the blog as the course lecture materials/e-handouts worked well since I was teaching in a computer lab where each student could pull up the blog on his or her own monitor. No one complained about the lack of paper handouts. Had I been in a typical classroom or conference room, it probably wouldn’t have worked as well.

I’d love feedback on the course blog from people who teach blogging, as well as nonprofit staff who are looking for these kinds of resources. You can leave a comment here or on the “Welcome” message on the course blog.

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