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Tonia Zampieri is back with some more advice on how to get your nonprofit’s mobile marketing strategy in place. Also, she shares how you could have the chance to win a mobile marketing strategy session with Atlantic Business Technologies.

Guest Post by Tonia Zampieri of Atlantic Business Technologies.

I love nonprofits, well heart them actually.  I love the idea behind why they exist, the feeling I get when I witness people doing loving acts, helping others in need — the whole sha-bang.

But I’m concerned.

Most US nonprofits are not addressing mobile technology adoption by creating a clear strategy to meet demand.    Mobile devices today are an extension of our desktop computers, whatever can be done there is heading to their purses and back pockets.  This is not a fad.  This is our new reality.  Websites will be built to suit mobile screens before computer screens sooner than later – mark my words. 

Whether donor or client focused in your marketing efforts – each and every nonprofit needs a mobile integration strategy to achieve desired results, making the most of limited budgets.

Here’s some tips on how to get started:

1.  Build a mobile matrix. 

Include every distinct audience you talk to – donors and clients, if applicable.

For one nonprofit your list might include: teens, single professionals, stay at home moms, health care professionals and hispanics.  Reaching these groups may require different mobile channels – texting vs. mobile web content, vs. mobile-rendered forms, vs. apps – and how they receive your information may be different too. Creating an easy spreadsheet where matching up different groups with their respective channel of choice will help understand where to focus.

2. Do your homework and pick your most pressing need. 

To avoid being overwhelmed pick the audiences that you need to engage with most and work on developing a mobile strategy for them.   For example, if your 2012 mandate has been to reach and educate a certain number of people on how to decrease incidence of diabetes, you know your younger audiences and discover they are buying/using smartphones at growing rates.  Funding for this would go under programing not operations so could open up more funding.

3.  Write copy easily consumed via mobile.

In our above example, will your new pamphlet be read right there on the phone or is it best to have it sent via email as a mobile download?  Matching content to how it will be best received is key to achieving desired results.

Every organization has different audiences requiring different priorities and needs.

But every organization has one thing in common – they all must ACT on mobile to stay relevant, continuing to serve their mission most effectively.

The AtlanticBT “Gives Back” mobile grant contest is a perfect opportunity to start.  Fill out a short form sharing a bit more about your cause and how mobile MIGHT help on or before Friday May 18th.   Twelve nonprofits will be awarded complementary Atlantic BT mobile strategy sessions to better guide where time, technology and resources will be best spent.

There’s also a brief video of yours truly explaining a bit more.

Need inspiration for ideas?  Check out last week’s featured entry on getting behind cancer or our sample ideas at Inspiration Station.

Good luck!

Tonia Zampieri is the Mobile Strategist for Atlantic Business TechnologiesShe has nearly 10 years of digital fundraising and marketing experience and launched one of the very first nonprofit iPhone apps, Tap-n-Give on iTunes in 2009.  She tweets regularly via @iheartcharity and can be reached directly at tonia.zampier [at]

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