Another Friday, another round of Mixed Links…


Did you know volunteers give up to 10 times more than a non-volunteer? With new perspectives on the value of your volunteers, Convio is offering a free on-demand webinar called 5 Volunteer Trends that Can Improve Your Fundraising Bottom Line.

And to help you get those volunteers, Robert J. Rosenthal guest posts on Getting’s blog on Secrets to Great Volunteer Recruitment.


Human Interest Films, a production company in Los Angeles is looking for testimonials from individuals who were influenced by the Autism Speaks to the point where they decided to get involved with the organization. So if a PSA, article, billboard or internet ad helped change the way you look at austim or led you to get more information, please share your story at

The world has changed a lot since the advent of social media, and some nonprofits are still stuck in the old way of thinking. Allison Fine outlines some of the changes and how you should be approaching the world in What Does Professionalism Look Like Today?

Hugh MacLeod shares why a simple e-newsletter is a beautiful thing with In Praise of the Email Newsletter Format.

And to help with your email marketing, Blackbaud and Constant Contact have been hosting a series of free webinars on the subject. There are two live webinars left, but you can also catch the recordings from the other webinars. NTEN has all the details.

In yesterday’s blog post, I gave you some tips on How to Blog Daily with tips like asking for guest posts and including regular features.  Britt Bravo does a great job of combining those ideas with her Have Fun Do Good guest posts that feature different folks sharing how they have fun and do good. Britt is full of great ideas for blogging and will be sharing how you can make your blog more compelling and get more readers during our Blogging for Nonprofits E-clinic.

Nonprofit Marketing Training

For Pass Holders – May 16: Social Media Starter Kit: Facebook Apps, Ads, and More Advanced Tips (featuring Kerri Karvetski)

For Pass Holders – May 23: What they Don’t Teach You in Fundraising 101: Mastering the “Soft Skills” of a Fundraiser (Featuring Gail Perry)

FREE for everyone – June 6: Getting Your Nonprofit Grant Ready (Featuring Betsy Baker)

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To all the moms out there, enjoy your Sunday! I’m hoping my Mother’s Day present includes a nap.  See you next week.

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