As this research shows, businesses use content marketing — e.g. providing useful information in the form of downloads, white papers, or webinars — as a primary way to build their email lists. Could that approach work as well for your nonprofit?

Most Effective Email List Building Tactics

Marketing Research Chart: Most effective email list building tactics

I think that depends. We often see nonprofits building lists through in-person and online events; advocacy efforts including online petitions; and through fundraising in various channels offline and online.

But what about offering content that requires email registration? It will definitely work for those of you who see being a “helpful human” as a core part of your mission.  Offer people content that answers questions or helps them do better in some way related to your cause, and it could be a great email list builder. You just have to make sure that all of your technology works together so when they fill out the form on your website, it goes into the right place in your database and they get the information they requested.

What kind of information do you — or could you — offer on your website in exchange for an email address? Share your ideas in the comments.

P.S. My new book due out in just a couple of weeks, Content Marketing for Nonprofits, discusses this and many other content marketing ideas.


Published On: August 12, 2013|Categories: Email Marketing, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|