I don’t promote a lot of stuff that costs you money on this blog outside of our training here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, but I am making an exception because Kerri Karvetski has put together a training on online fundraising that is going to be incredible.

If you have an All-Access Pass with us then you have probably attended one of our Social Media Starter Kit webinars that feature Kerri (in fact, she’ll be covering Google + and Pinterest for nonprofits in August – stay tuned for details on that one).

We think she is awesome, so it’s no mystery as to why her new webinar with our training partner CharityHowTo.com is called AWESOME CAMPAIGNS: How to Plan a Successful Online Fundraiser. She knows her stuff!

Kerri understands that nonprofits are eager to try out the latest trends, but also a little apprehensive to move forward sometimes. Her webinars are always full of practical tips and examples that take that fear away.

For her upcoming webinar with CharityHowTo.com, she is tackling online fundraising campaigns.  She will help you draft a fundraising brief, nail down key messages, plan and weave together every email, Facebook message and tweet, and bring in new prospects.

As Kerri describes it, “You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, right? If you’ve got a big online fundraising goal, especially for year-end, you need a plan to get there, a campaign plan. This webinar will get you there, offering insider tricks from expert campaigners.”

You’ll leave this webinar with step-by-step instructions for creating a communications and marketing plan for your online fundraiser, including easy planning templates that you can put to use right away. You’ll also receive these bonuses:

  • A free copy of Kerri’s new guide, “Crank It Up: 30 Awesome (and Annotated) Campaign Emails That Raked It In Online” to inspire your next online fundraising campaign (this alone will be worth the registration price!)
  • A copy of Kerri’s Online Fundraising Campaign Brief Template to organize and coordinate the tactics of your online campaign (Word and PDF)
  • A copy of Kerri’s Online Copy Template that lays out all of the essential pieces of campaign copy, from emails and homepage slideshows to landing pages, confirmation emails and social media updates (Word and PDF)

This webinar will be offered twice this summer:

Register for Monday, June 18th’s AWESOME CAMPAIGNS: How to Plan a Successful Online Fundraiser.

Register for Tuesday, July 17th’s AWESOME CAMPAIGNS: How to Plan a Successful Online Fundraiser.


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