Today at Shelter’s Edge, the blog by ASPCApro (for animal sheltering professionals and volunteers), they ask, “Can we save more lives simply by taking better pictures?

ASPCApro is considering whether or not to do formal research on this question, but the anecdotal evidence is pretty striking. Show us cute, in-focus photos of cats and dogs and they are more likely to get adopted than when we see out of focus, poorly posed photos of the very same animals.  CBS News recently did a story about this very phenomena. (Watch it here if you don’t see the player below).


After watching the amazing transformations that these animals seem to undergo simply by having a skilled photographer in the room, it makes you wonder: What other causes are missing huge opportunities to connect simply because they don’t have good photography? What difference would good photography make in your nonprofit’s marketing strategy?

Please share your thoughts in the comments . . . I’m sure this isn’t limited to animal organizations!

Full Disclosure: ASPCApro is a consulting client, but truth be told, I loved their blog way before they hired me to help with their content strategy! It’s a model example of how to blog for other professionals in your field.

Published On: September 29, 2011|Categories: Video, Graphics, Photography and Other Visuals|