I have yet another fabulous example of an annual report postcard to share with you. I’m so excited that people are giving this a try!

This one comes from Claudia Herrold, vice president of communications and public policy at the Ohio Grantmakers Forum.

Ohio Grantmakers Forum Annual Report Postcard

Here is what Claudia says about the process of creating the postcard:

“After I had read your idea about a postcard annual report, I worked with our inhouse graphic designer to figure out what we could do and say on a postcard. Since we are a statewide organization that provides learning and networking opportunities for foundations, we don’t have grantee stories, like other nonprofits do, although we do capture testimonials from individuals at member organizations. So, it took some considerable head scratching to figure out our message.

We knew that we wanted to get people to go to the website, where we posted annual report content and photos, but also wanted people to get a few key stats about how we helped them get better at their craft of grantmaking last year.

We spent about $150 to print 2000 postcards, with another $90 for mailhouse costs. We hadn’t printed and mailed an annual report for two years, and we quit mailing our quarterly newsletter this year, so we felt this small expense to get something into everyone’s hands was worth it.”

Thanks for sharing, Claudia!

Remember, you can add examples you find or create yourself of  “new and improved” annual reports like postcards to our free Nonprofit Annual Reports Wiki.


Published On: September 28, 2011|Categories: Fundraising|