teamwork200We’ve published another tips and advice page on our website!

We’ve already told you about our new social media and email newsletter pages – where you can now find advice and tips based on your experience level.

Now you can learn how to get your staff and board to help with your marketing efforts with our all new marketing team management tips page.

If your staff isn’t quite on board with your marketing efforts, you will want to check out the “Start Here” tab. But if you feel like your co-workers understand the importance of marketing, you can move on to the “Then Try” or “Next Steps” tabs on the page.

As with all of our new advice and tips pages, you have the opportunity to download a free resource. On this page, you can register to watch “Helping Your Staff and Board Become Great Nonprofit Marketers.” This 60-minute webinar will show you how to turn your staff and board members into an effective marketing team (whether they know it or not).

Advice and tips on managing a marketing team.

(If you are already have free membership privileges on our site, you do not have to register for this webinar. You can find it on the Free Membership Dashboard.)