caseforsupportWhether she actually asks it out loud or not, a donor’s first question is always:

“Why Should I Give You My Hard Earned Money?”

The answer to that question starts with your case for support.

Your case for support explains what your organization does, why you do it, and why others should support you in doing it.

With an irresistible case for support, you’ll quickly win donor support for your projects, programs, endowments, initiatives, buildings, renovations, or other bright ideas.

But it has to be inspiring.

It has to be powerful.

It has to be…FABULOUS!

That’s where fundraising expert Tom Ahern comes in. Tom is leading a brand NEW training program for us:

Writing a Fabulous Case for Support

He can take your ho-hum case for support and turn it into a thing of beauty that will attract new donors and keep them giving again and again.

During this training, you can learn:

  • How to persuasively answer the “Big 3” questions
  • “Guaranteed effective” ways to tell your case story
  • Why the “curse of knowledge” may be your organization’s worst enemy
  • Who donors really are, demographically and psychographically
  • Why fear is such a powerful emotional trigger in case writing
  • To reduce your story to 2 words, and then build it back up
  • and more!

The fun starts with a 60-minute introductory webinar on July 9th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific).

You can attend just this webinar for $99 or upgrade to the full e-clinic and get 4+ hours of training and coaching, including a personal evaluation of your case for support by Tom during one of our coaching webinars.

Find out which training option works best for you

Because of the personal attention e-clinic participants receive, the e-clinic only has room for 20 nonprofits (and 12 of those spots are already filled).

Learn more and reserve your spot now.

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