Social media is ALL about listening, but trying to hear your name being called amid the noise can be difficult. The popular social media app Hootsuite can help. The following video shows you how you can hear if people are tweeting about you (even if they don’t know your Twitter handle), your cause or anything else you are interested in.

If you are just using Hootsuite to schedule tweets, then you are not taking advantage of its power. This tutorial shows you how to create a new tab on Hootsuite that will allow you to listen in on what others are saying about your organization and what they are saying about your cause. This is best used for Twitter based on the open nature of that social network. You could also set this up using Facebook, but due to privacy setting on most accounts, it’s not very useful.

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If you are already using Hootsuite as a listening tool, let us know how you do it in the comments section. We’d also love to know if you have any other how-to videos you’d like to see.

Published On: August 9, 2012|Categories: Communications Channel Management, Social Media|