Kimbia Donation Trends Report cover online fundraisingPeer pressure works. Strangers make the smallest gifts. And love ‘em or hate ‘em, matches and prizes drive donations.

These are some of the insights offered in the Donation Trends by Channel: 2016 Donor Data Report by online fundraising platform Kimbia and nonprofit marketing agency Strength in Members.

The report uses data from 1.2 million donors who gave $240 million in online donations through the Kimbia platform in the year 2016. The agencies sought to answer two questions: What types of online fundraising campaigns or channels are people donating to? And what type of donor is giving to each of these types of campaigns or channels?

A few definitions:

Everyday Giving – donations made via your website for general funds, monthly giving and tribute gifts.

Peer-to-Peer – donations made to a personal fundraising page for a run, walk, ride or other event, or DIY campaign such as “donate your birthday.”

Giving Day – donations made to time-based online crowdfunding events.

Of peer pressure and strangers:

Gift sizes nonprofit online fundraising

Source: Donation Trends by Channel: 2016 Donor Data Report

  • With peer-to-peer campaigns, donors are friends of individuals who support your cause and they may not have a prior relationship with your organization.
  • During Giving Days, incentives and matches help drive the donation amount up. People love that their gifts help their favorite cause earn prizes and stretch funds.
  • While both P2P and Giving Days are social giving phenomenons, the time pressure provided by Giving Days might lead to the 59% largest gift size. 

Giving by mobile device is growing, but the majority of donations are still made via desktop:

Mobile vs desktop donations

Source: Donation Trends by Channel: 2016 Donor Data Report

See the full Donation Trends By Channel Report here.

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