Kristen Olsen

Here’s the latest installment in our series on the “Day in the Life” of nonprofit communicators, where we ask you to describe your day in your own words.

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Kristen Olsen is the Communications Manager for the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey, a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to improving quality of life after brain injury, and offering the promise of a better tomorrow. She started in December 2015 after graduating from Rutgers University, where she served as Marketing Director of a Rutgers Chapter nonprofit. The nonprofit world inspires her everyday and she is so proud of the work nonprofit communicators do on a daily basis.

And this is her typical day:

8:15 am: I start every morning with a cup of coffee and a nice walk with my Shiba Inu, Charlie. I keep my routine short and sweet with a quick breakfast and off on my 5-minute commute to North Brunswick, New Jersey.

9:00 am: Emails, emails, emails! Because a lot of my coworkers are stationed throughout the state of New Jersey, they work at all hours of the day (I have a lot of 9pm emails waiting for me!) I usually open up emails requesting specific social media highlights, website updates, and newsletter features.

9:30 am: Need. More. Coffee. Forgot creamer. Drink it black because desperate mornings call for desperate measures. I should probably drink water instead. BUT COFFEE.

10:00 am: Time to open InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I’ll inevitably need to create some kind of graphic before the morning is over.

10:30 am: Review my Google Alerts and look for anything news-breaking related to brain injury. Concussion, pediatric brain injury, and motor vehicle accidents always top the list of most-talked-about.

10:45 am: How did I finish that coffee already?

11:00 am: Nail down a to-do list, for the week and for the day. Prioritize accordingly.

11:10 am: Facebook post! Today I’m introducing some of our clients with brain injury, in order to promote our Walk for Brain Injury Awareness coming up in two weeks. I also make sure to condense the post for Twitter.

11:20 am: InDesign time! I knew I’d need it. Received a proof back from our printer and decide I need to adjust where my content falls between folding margins.

12:00pm: Review an ad we placed in the New York Giants 2016 Yearbook–our concussion ad looks great, as does our distracted driving ad!

12:10 pm: How did my mailings do last week? Log in to find my Walk for Brain Injury Awareness engagement email had an amazing open rate–46%! I knew my headline would be a winner. I’m also satisfied with my email to people not yet registered-25% click rate….but how can I improve that further?

12:15 pm: E-newsletter time again. Email coworkers to gather feature inspiration.

12:20 pm: Lunch time! Quick trip to the grocery store for essentials and a stop home to walk the doggie.

1:30 pm: Back to the office. Finish some smaller tasks on my to-do list. I love watching the list get shorter.

2:00 pm: Participate in a skype call with a mobile application developer – this is one of my favorite and most exciting projects! I finally get to see a mock-up of what the application will look like on a cell phone.

2:30 pm: My notes from the meeting are getting extensive… I need more coffee… But this time I actually reach for water! Pat myself on the back.

2:45 pm: The meeting is still going. Wonder how on Earth I’ll muster up the energy for my gym class later tonight.

3:30 pm: Finally, a moment to stand up and walk away from my desk. I loved making progress on the app, but I need to stretch my legs before they fall off.

4:00 pm: Where did the day go? Do I really have an hour left? Double check my emails to make sure I didn’t miss anything urgent.

4:15 pm: I request some registration statistics so I can draft a creative Facebook post tomorrow, I want to entice people to register for our Fall Family Conference.

4:30 pm: Fill out my timesheet, reorganize my desk, and head home to make dinner and get ready for the gym. I find the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to completely unplug and do whatever is going to make my boyfriend, myself, friends and family happy! You need a clear mind to make real progress.

You need a clear mind to make real progress.

Thanks for sharing your day, Kristen!

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