On July 9, we’ll be hosting our webinar, The Communications Director’s Guide to Repurposing Content. It’s been a couple of years since we did a whole webinar on repurposing, so I would love to include more examples from our Nonprofit Marketing Guide community.

Here’s what I could really use . . . If you can provide an example from your organization, please email me with links, screen captures, etc. If I use your example in the webinar, we’ll give you a free pass to attend. (I can’t guarantee that I will use all examples, it just depends on what I receive.) We may also use your examples in a future blog post.

Repurposing in Three Formats

We recommend thinking about a short format (under 300 words), a long format (over 500 words), and visual formats (e.g. infographics, video, social graphics). Do you have a report, article, event, or some other content that you talked about in at least three different formats?

Repurposing Old Content

We also love repurposing old content with a quick refresh or making evergreen (timeless) content feel very timely. Do you have an example of how you have done a quick refresh on old or evergreen content and gotten great results by re-publishing it?

Repurposing by Shifting Perspective

Have you created multiple stories or pieces of content from what is basically one story or event by shifting the perspective of who’s telling the story? For example, you might tell a story in the third person about a family. Then you might share the same story, but in the first-person words of a parent. You might share the story again, but this time from the perspective of the child or the child’s teacher.

Repurposing by Shifting the Audience or Reader

Do you write content for donors and then repurpose it for volunteers or other audiences? How much do you rewrite and what is pretty much the same as you shift the intended audience or reader?

Repurposing by Breaking Down Parts or Putting Them Back Together

Do you have content that you can post separately in parts and then as a whole? For example, do you have a checklist of five items where you have posted about each individual item and then also posted a round-up with all five items?

Thanks in advance for sharing some of your work with us, so we can share it with others!

Published On: June 23, 2020|Categories: Workflows, Processes, and Productivity, Writing Skills and Content|