You have probably seen this already, but I don’t think it can be said enough:

(I am not sure if this is the origin of the quote, but searching Twitter and scrolling back through the “latest” section shows this one at the end of the search.)

Cut yourself some slack.

We had a live Q&A with our All-Access Pass Holders last Friday, and it filled my heart to hear all of the positive stories being shared and all of the encouragement being given to those who were struggling.

On that call, I learned:

You are not only doing your best, but you are probably doing things you wouldn’t have thought possible two months ago.

Beth Kanter recently shared some Tips for Nonprofits To Boost Resilience During A Pandemic and I want to pass them along to you in case you need some concrete action steps to help you:

  • Get Enough Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise
  • Practice Mental Distancing from the news, etc
  • Socialize At A Distance
  • Find the New Workplace Norms
  • Incorporate Quiet Time During Your Day
  • Focus On Positive Thoughts

Be kind to yourself and others right now!

Published On: April 6, 2020|Categories: Workflows, Processes, and Productivity|