Yes, you can share the Pass with your team, but there are restrictions.

What You Can Share

Your All-Access Pass allows you only one connection to live events. But if you are working in the same office you can gather around a computer or conference table to watch together.

You are also welcome to download resources like ebooks and worksheets from the Learning Center to share with your team.

What You Can’t Share

Please do not share your account login with others, even if you did so in the past. In the last few years, we’ve added major benefits to the Pass, including the new Learning Center and the Community. And we just launched our Marketing Certificate Program for Pass Holders. These are all dependent on your email address representing a single person. Your Learning Center Dashboard is customized to you personally and the courses you have started. Your Community membership is also tied to you as a person. To create a sense of community, it is essential that one email address/login represents one human being with a name and a face who takes responsibility for what they post (we are not allowing organizations in the Community the same way a Page could join a Facebook Group.)  We love your organization, but we love you as the person working there much more.

Adding a Team Member to Your Pass

So that members of your team can access everything — live trainings, Learning Center courses and downloads, and the Community — without you having to share your login, we are introducing a new “Add a Team Member” option to the Pass starting in November 2021.

For an additional $100/person, you can add a colleague to your Pass and they will get their own login. That’s more than 85% off the price of another Pass. This means they can RSVP and receive their own connection for events, access the Learning Center resources, and join the new Community under their own name. They will essentially have their own Pass but without paying full price!

Please note this offer applies to team members working for the same organizational unit only. For example, if you work for a national organization that has state affiliates with their own executive directors, members of the national comms team could use the “Add a Team Member” offer, but the state affiliates could not. They would need to purchase their own Passes at the regular price.

If you have any questions about this, please ask Kristina.