Yesterday I shared some “get ready to write” traditions. Today let’s take a look at where you find your writing ideas and story inspirations.

Coming up with what to write about can be a frustrating process, but that gets a whole lot easier if you can spot the patterns in how you get your best ideas.  I know I get great ideas in the shower and while running, so if I am stuck, guess what I do? Rather than sitting at my computer frustrated, I get up and take a shower or go for a run. Granted, having a home office helps a lot with these particular choices.

On the “How to Write Faster” webinar I presented recently, I asked participants what worked for them. As you can see, only 14% said their best ideas came while at the computer writing.


Where do you get your best writing ideas poll results

A lot of the participants said they get their best ideas at night right before they fall asleep or when they were driving. Here are a few of their “other” sources to find great ideas:

Cleaning right before bed.

In the produce section of the grocery store.

In the washroom.

After meditating or when I am falling asleep.

Usually at night just before I go to sleep or after I go to sleep, so I have a pen and paper by my bed and force myself to write it down in the night.

Going to a bookstore and looking at the magazine rack…what is being used to communicate/connect with the demographic I’m writing to… what images, words, etc are they using.

By brainstorming out loud with a coworker.

When I’m commuting on my bike. Ironically, since I work at home a lot, I sometimes don’t *need* to go anywhere—but I do *need* to bike in order to keep my ideas fresh!

Drying my hair.

Inspired by images I see on Pinterest or other blogs.

Usually riding in the car when I don’t have a notebook.

In the morning when I first wake up, from a dream or after my meditation.

Making something with my hands – ceramics, sewing, etc.

Source of best ideas

Where do you get your best writing ideas?

Is your favorite place on this list? I have to admit, I never thought about heading to my produce aisle for inspiration!

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