We are super excited that pre-ordering for the newly revised second edition of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide is now open!

The first edition came out 11 years ago, and this new edition is fully updated with all that we’ve learned in the last decade.

This new edition will ship on March 23 and if you pre-order your copy, we have some great bonuses for you, including a ton of new worksheets and templates we are creating this month.

We announced this in our email newsletter yesterday, and bam! The book went to #1 in the nonprofit category on Amazon. Thanks to everyone who ordered already!

As long as you pre-order before March 23, you can get all the bonuses too. And you don’t have to order from Amazon if that is not your preference. We share all the places you get it.

But . . . you might want to go with Amazon to save, because right now, it’s less than half price there. 

This is a mistake that the publisher reported to them weeks ago. But they have yet to fix it. I don’t know when they will, but as of right now, the book is only $18 and change, rather than the $40 list price. Even Amazon won’t discount it that much long-term.

Anyway, even if you end up paying closer to list price, I promise, you’ll love it. Order before March 23 and you’ll get these great bonuses too, including free storytelling training!

Published On: March 4, 2021|Categories: Nonprofit Communications|

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