I came across HelpaReporterOut.com last week and it’s an email list that I highly recommend you subscribe to.

This is what happens: Reporters from all around the U.S., including those who work for major media outlets and freelancers who write for just about every publication under the sun, send their needs for sources and interviews to Peter Shankman. He compiles all the requests a few times a day and emails them out to his list of people who might be good media sources.

Anyone can subscribe to this list – as long as you agree to play by the rules. Which means that you *only* respond to a reporter when your story or source is a really good fit. If you start spamming or forcing your cause where it doesn’t fit, you’ll be booted from the list.

Over the last ten days, I’ve received at least 20 emails and all of them have contained at least one story where a quote from a local nonprofit agency would be perfect.

Check it out.

Published On: July 24, 2008|Categories: PR and Media Relations|