So you’re talking to a nice couple in their 70s who have been giving to your organization for years. You think they are a great candidate to ask for a bequest.

Now what?

Well here are a few things you probably shouldn’t say:

“So….how was that last doctor’s visit?”

“Since your kids turned out to be really horrible people….”


“Have you had that mole on your neck looked at recently?”

“What’s the life expectancy in your family, again?”

“How old are you exactly?”

OK, I know you would never say those things to your donors, but we can agree that bringing up a legacy gift can be a really awkward thing to do.

But what if I tell you, it doesn’t have to be awkward. At all…

You just need to learn how to tactfully ask for bequests by knowing the the proper tone, words and style to use when you do ask.

And you can find out how TOMORROW during a brisk, no-nonsense 90-minute webinar, Marketing Bequests: The Delicate Art of Asking for That Final Gift.

Fundraising expert Tom Ahern will teach you a proven way to elicit bequests from your current donors ensuring a steady stream of bequests coming into your organization for years to come.

This webinar will take place TOMORROW February 4th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Pacific) It will be recorded if you cannot attend live, but you must register first.

Registration is $99 or free if you have an All-Access Pass.

(All-Access Passes start at $199 and allow you to attend all of the webinars in our Weekly Webinar Series and watch recorded webinars from the past three months.)


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