Nonprofit Blog CarnivalIs the classic nonprofit newsletter still relevant?

If yes, why? If not, why not? What changes have you made, or what changes are you seeing or recommending, in nonprofit newsletters — in print and online?

Those and any other questions or issues related to producing nonprofit newsletters in 2012 and beyond are the focus of the upcoming Nonprofit Blog Carnival, which I’m hosting in August.

If you have something to say about the evolution of nonprofit newsletters, blog about it and submit the link to me at no later than Tuesday, August 28. I’ll publish a round-up of the best posts on Thursday, August 30th.

If you don’t blog, but want to contribute to the conversation, you can leave a comment on this post.

You can read this month’s edition of the Carnival at Fundraising Detective, where Craig Linton has just published a series of posts on what nonprofits can learn from the Olympics – he’s based in London and the roundup includes posts from both sides of the pond.

Not familiar with blog carnivals? 

The Nonprofit Blog Carnival is a monthly round-up of blog posts on topics relevant to the nonprofit community. The host for each month develops a theme then requests posts on that topic (as I’ve done here). Then the host compiles a selection of what’s submitted and publishes them in a round-up post towards the end of that month. I founded the Nonprofit Blog Carnival in 2006 and Joanne Fritz at took over management of the carnival in 2010.

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