Help wanted signIf you have followed me for any length of time, then you have should have heard the term content marketing. Heck, it’s in the title of my new book coming out next month – Content Marketing for Nonprofits: A Communications Map for Engaging Your Community, Becoming a Favorite Cause, and Raising More Money.

Content marketing isn’t just a new buzzword for the communications your nonprofits has always produced. It’s a new way of thinking about why and how you communicate, and how your community helps you produce those communications.

It’s about attracting supporters – not interrupting them.

Content marketing is big in the business world with 91% of businesses using content marketing and content marketing budgets for businesses increasing by 26% since last year. The Content Marketing Institute has been doing research on for-profit uses of content marketing for 4 years now. And results from these surveys have helped that industry make better decisions about their content marketing strategies.

But what about nonprofits? How are you using content marketing? We want to know!

I’m excited about the content marketing research for nonprofits being done as a result of Blackbaud partnering with the Content Marketing Institute. This research will help nonprofit organizations better understand how content marketing is evolving so they can stay one step ahead in their planning.

But to get the most accurate and meaningful survey results, we need to hear from you! Take the survey now. Even if you don’t regularly use content marketing – we need to know that, too.

Here are a handful of the types of questions you’ll be asked.  Everything is multiple choice and there’s an “unsure” answer for most questions too.

  • Does your organization use content marketing in any form (blogs, articles, podcasts, video, webinars, newsletters, print publications, etc.) to engage with constituents?
  • Does your organization have a documented content strategy?
  • In general, what are your organization’s goals for content marketing?
  • How effective do you feel your organization’s use of content marketing is?

The survey shouldn’t take more than ten minutes and your answers will help nonprofits better understand content marketing and how it’s being used in our sector. We’ll report on the results when they are published.

Take the survey, please. Thanks!

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