This week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants focuses on how to reach younger generations. What do people in their teens and twenties care about? What makes them want to get involved with you? If you are curious about the answers, check out this week’s edition of the Carnival.

Get Your Blog Post Highlighted Next Week

Next week I’m hosting the Carnival back here at Nonprofit Communications where the theme will be “before and after makeovers.” I’ve been interviewing staff at UC Berkeley (my alma mater) about a makeover of a direct mail piece they did recently to recruit new donors among alumni. It’s a fascinating story with lots of interesting lessons, which I’ll share over the coming week. I’d love to hear about other make-overs in nonprofit management, communications, marketing, technology, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, and the like. If you write a blog post this week that fits, send the permalink to me by Saturday night to npc.carnival AT or use the Blog Carnival form.

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