Change is hard, especially when it means doing things differently than how you have always done them. Sometimes it is easier to go through the motions (like in this cartoon) and pretend that you are doing something when you really aren’t.

Those of us in the consulting world see this all the time.  People pay us to make themselves feel like they are doing something. But then they follow few, if any, of the recommendations the consultants offer. It looks like they want to change, but they really don’t.

The “all talk, no action” is especially true in the nonprofit world when it comes to diversification of any kind.

Remember, you are not your target audience.

If you want to reach younger people, you need to find some younger advisers, listen to what they say, and act on their suggestions.

If you want to increase the ethnic diversity of supporters or program participants, same thing. You need to find some people who fit the criteria and then start talking with them.

Ask a lot of questions. Listen. Think about what you hear. Ask more questions. Listen. Then run some ideas by your new advisers.

THEN DO SOMETHING. Or empower them to do it.