This question came in last week to

“Should we include articles and photos of our fundraising events over the last year in our annual report? Based on your “Seven Easy Steps to Writing a Great Annual Report“, I would say no since it is an activity, not an accomplishment. What do you say?”

Sally Coates, Episcopal Charities

Here’s what I told Sally:

I generally discourage it, with three exceptions: (1) You can clearly connect the fundraising event to an accomplishment, e.g., the money raised at the event paid for xyz, which resulted in xyz. You should still lead with the accomplishment, but you can talk about the fundraising for it a few paragraphs into the section. (2) Fundraising event photos are the only decent photos you have. Event photos are better than no photos at all. (3) You include the text and photos in the financial section of the report.

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Published On: May 15, 2007|Categories: Fundraising|