Thanks to all of you who took our survey this month on nonprofit newsletters. I’ve shared some of the results already in posts on how social media is influencing newsletters and how often you should send email newsletters to supporters.

Here are some other interesting stats from the survey, which was completed by 419 nonprofits.

Print Newsletters

The most popular length for a print newsletter is four pages (33% of those publishing a print newsletter), followed by eight pages (23%).

Nonprofit print newsletters are the same length or shorter today than they were in 2010, with only about 12% saying their print newsletter is now longer than it was in 2010.

Quarterly distribution of print newsletters is most popular (40% of those publishing a print newsletter), followed by twice a year (33%).

Email Newsletters

The most popular format for a nonprofit e-newsletter is one main article, with teaser summaries and links to other articles (38% of nonprofits who are publishing an email newsletter). After that the format varies quite a bit. For example, the following formats are used by 11-12% of nonprofits:

  • Four or more complete articles
  • Two main articles with teasers and links to others
  • Three main articles with teaser and links to others
  • Four or more articles with teasers and links to others

About half (48.7%) say this length is the same as it was in 2010, while an equal number (26%) say that length is either longer or shorter than in 2010.

As I shared last week, 66% of nonprofits that send email newsletters do so at least monthly (8% weekly, 11% twice a month, 47% monthly). 48% say this is the same frequency as in 2010, while 42% said it was more frequent. Only 10% said they were sending email newsletters less frequently than in 2010.

 Newsletter Review Winners!

If you completed the survey, you could enter a drawing for a free newsletter review with me.

Using, I selected the following three participants:

Olivia Mayer, Christian Living Communities

Jessica Cler, Alaska Center for the Environment

Phyllis Nutkis, The ARK

I’m looking forward to reviewing your newsletters with you!

Want More?

I’m teaching a webinar called “Rethinking Your Nonprofit Newsletter” for our All-Access Pass Holders on Tuesday, September 4, 2012. Get yourself a Pass and join us!

Later this week, on Thursday, I’ll post a round-up of great content on nonprofit newsletters as part of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival. There’s still time to contribute your post!

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