It’s Get Creative Month here at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, and Lane Phalen, a board member with the TAILS Humane Society, shared one way that her organization has been getting creative to solve a common problem: More cats waiting for adoption than dogs.

To help their feline friends find forever homes more quickly, TAILS runs numerous promotions throughout the year, many inspired by events on the calendar that people are already familiar with.

Two of their biggest events which have led to many cat adoptions come in July and October. “During the first week of July, the cats wrote their own Declaration of Independence,” says Lane, “and we lowered their adoption fee to $17.76.”

At the end of October, TAILS holds a “Change Their Luck Days” and gives black cats away for free to good homes. “Too many people are superstitious and almost half of our cat population has gorgeous black fur,” explains Lane. Customizing an adoption event specifically around black cats is a creative way to solve  shelter population problems.

TAILS has also run smaller events throughout the year, including “St. Catrick’s Day,” “Cinco de Meow,” and “Find Your Soulmate” in February.

How have holidays or events on everyone’s calendar inspired your creativity? Share your story in the comments on this post (Click over to the blog if you are reading this in your email.)

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