This afternoon, I’m presenting the first webinar in a three-part series for NTEN on Turning Your Nonprofit into a Self-Made Media Mogul.

Everyone, including your nonprofit, can be a self-made media mogul, thanks to affordable email, web hosting, and social media. But to become a media mogul, your nonprofit needs to look at marketing and communications in entirely new ways, where everyone on staff is a messenger (not just the communications director), everyone knows how to use the tools (not just the techies), and everyone works together to create a community of supporters around your good cause.

Here’s what we are covering . . .

August 10: Work for a Nonprofit? Then You Are a Nonprofit Marketer!

If you work at a nonprofit and you talk about your work with your friends and family, you are marketing that nonprofit. We’ll help accidental, reluctant, and marketing-phobic nonprofit staff understand their power and influence as informal marketers. We’ll also help staff tasked with marketing and communications understand how to better help their co-workers be happy and productive members of the marketing team.

August 17: Taming Your Communications Calendar

Media moguls produce lots of content in lots of places and talk about it back and forth with their supporters. It’s a lot to create and to manage, and you can sometime feel like you are being buried alive in email replies, Google Alerts, and tweets. Get a grip on it with Kivi’s “Cakes to Cupcakes” approach where you save time by reusing the content you create in multiple places and incorporating the conversations you have with your fans into new content.

August 24: Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing into One Plan That Works

When you integrate your online and offline communications — and take the multi-channel marketing approach — you get better results from your supporters. We’ll look at ways to use email to increase direct mail giving, and to use direct mail to increase online giving. We’ll also look at how social media can be used to reinforce messaging through other online and offline channels. We’ll also identify ways to make your communications more consistent in print and online, while also selecting the best types of messages for each channel.

Registration is a bargain . . . only $75 for NTEN members and $150 for everyone else. But NTEN is extending the member rate to fans of Nonprofit Marketing Guide. Here’s how to get the three webinars for just $75:

Don’t worry if you can’t make all of the sessions live — the recordings are included in the package too, as is a copy of my book.