I’m calling August “Get Creative” month at Nonprofit Marketing Guide. We are doing webinars on video, photography, and snazzing up your writing with metaphors and humor.

In addition, I’d like to post lots of great ideas, resources, and case studies here on the blog during the month. Do you want to help?

1. Write Your Own Post for the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

I’m hosting the August edition of the Nonprofit Blog Carnival and the theme is “Creative Ideas You Can Make Your Own.” Share what you’ve learned or discovered by posting it to your own blog and then submitting it to the Carnival, which is a round-up of posts on a particular theme. I’ll post the carnival at the end of August.

2. Write a Guest Post for My Blog

Don’t have a blog you can post to, but still have some ideas or stories to share? Write a guest post for me here at Nonprofit Communications. Send me an email with a brief description of what you’d like to cover and we’ll go from there. Please put “Get Creative” in the subject line.

3. Suggest Someone I Should Interview

I’d like to provide more interviews for you on my blog, so if you know someone I should interview about how nonprofits can be more creative in their communications, marketing, and fundraising, let me know. Please put “Get Creative” in the subject line.

Thanks for sharing and helping your fellow nonprofits think more creatively!

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