Amanda Byrne, IT Administrator at the Carolina Tiger Rescue, recently shared a story with me about changes she made to the way she managed her Facebook page after hearing me give a presentation on using social media to empower your fans.

Here is Amanda’s story in her own words . . .

Amanda Byrne of Carolina Tiger Rescue with Kaela

“We recently participated in Chase Community Giving, and I was the representative managing our Chase profile. I spoke with you after your presentation about how often it was suitable as a page admin to post.

You had suggested in the presentation creating posts that would inspire interaction, so rather than reposting the vote link and hammering the vote message, I posted messages about voting and then asked our fans to share why they voted.  Then the next day I would post the vote link and ask our fans to share their favorite experience at the sanctuary, then what they had learned.  I would also add my own comment to give an example and get the ball rolling.

You had also suggested not holding back with sharing the work of other organizations.  Although it wasn’t directly part of the Chase campaign, I have begun posting more of the stories I pick up from a similar facility with whom we frequently collaborate, Big Cat Rescue.

In the first Chase Giveaway in January, we did not pass the first round, but they did, and I had encouraged our fans to consider voting for them.  This time they returned the favor, and I think the additional votes solidified our position in the last few days of voting.

Carolina Tiger Rescue asked their fans to thank Big Cat Rescue for their support:

And they did:

The end result: We were 121st of the top 200, and were announced as winners of a $20,000 donation!  Although I feel very comfortable with how Facebook works, I’m not sure that I would have thought to use some of these strategies had I not heard your presentation.

So sincerest thanks!  Your presentation helped an organization continue supporting 70 wildcats!”

Thank you, Amanda, creating a safe home for those big cats, for sharing your story and for proving that subtle changes in how you communicate with your supporters in social media can make all the difference!

Published On: August 4, 2010|Categories: Communications Channel Management, Social Media|