Rock your $2-for-$1 match campaigns with these phrases.

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Stuck trying to find new ways to describe your matching gift campaign? Never fear!

Use these matching gift phrases in all the right places:

  • Subject line
  • Preheader
  • Header
  • Calls-to-action (be sure to include at least 2 in each email)
  • Sidebars
  • P.S.
  • Donation landing page

Good luck fundraisers!

  1. Contribute today to make sure we can match your gift.
  2. Act now and a generous sponsor/donor will match what you give, dollar-for-dollar, until X.
  3. As a result, every gift made to this urgent appeal – up to X – will be matched dollar for dollar.
  4. Your matched gift will deliver X. Please be especially generous.
  5. Take advantage of this exciting chance to have your generosity matched dollar for dollar.
  6. Join the generous donor who put up the matching funds.
  7. X has stepped up with $X in matching gift funds.
  8. Any gift matched.
  9. A donor, just like you, will match any donation between now and X.
  10. This match is a great opportunity to give your first online donation to support our work.
  11. Are you going to let this match go by without joining in?
  12. Don’t let this generous matching donation slip away.
  13. There is still $X in unclaimed matching funds from our X match campaign available.
  14. Make a special gift to X before the match runs out to have your gift doubled.
  15. A generous donor has agreed to match every single dollar you give for the next X days – up to $X.
  16. A generous sponsor just pledged to match all donations up to $X, but only until [short time].
  17. Another supporter has promised to match whatever you can give. I hope you’ll take them up on it.
  18. I need your help to match every last donation.
  19. Can you help us meet our goal by making a matched gift of $X?
  20. A fellow grassroots supporter has promised to match, dollar for dollar, whatever you can chip in today.
  21. They are matching every gift dollar for dollar (up to $X).
  22. Please take advantage of this matching gift opportunity before it’s too late.
  23. Only X left to have your donation doubled by our matching gift program.
  24. Double your impact on behalf of X.
  25. Your gift by X will be tripled in value.
  26. If you want to make a difference, donate $X now and another donor will double your impact by matching your contribution.
  27. Double the value of your donation.
  28. Do twice the good with one donation.
  29. Donation will go twice as far.
  30. Your gift of $X automatically becomes $X.
  31. Even $X (low amount) becomes $x (double).
  32. When you give now X will multiply your impact.
  33. Double your power.
  34. You give a buck. I’ll give a buck.
  35. $2-for-$1 campaign
  36. Don’t miss this chance.
  37. Make it count.
  38. Ready to match.
  39. Answer the call – make this match.
  40. Double your awesome!
  41. To inspire your generosity…
  42. We will match every dollar.
  43. A donor has promised to match your donation to encourage you to give for the first time.
  44. Help us secure $X from a generous donor.
  45. Unlock matching funds and help us raise $X.
  46. We are less than $X away from making our $X match. Will you commit to a gift of $X or more right now?
  47. If you become a donor/monthly donor/member today, you’ll help X secure $X from a generous donor.
  48. Time is running out to participate in this match.

Do you have any more ways to ask for a matching gift? Let us know in the comments below!



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