In our latest interview in our series on Junction C: Where Creating and Curating Meet Content and Conversation, Jereme Bivins, the social media manager for the Foundation Center, discusses his approach to working with five regional offices across the U.S., while maintaining the voice of the national office.

Jereme updates the Foundation Center’s main Twitter account and Facebook page, and staff in the regional offices do their own. That means you’ll get a different “flavor” from each office, but one that’s still consistent with the Foundation Center’s overall voice, which Jereme describes as a “neutral expert.” He tries not to lead conversations, but to have an active voice in them. He also likes to connect people who express interest in particular nonprofit or philanthropic topics with resources at the Foundation Center and with other organizations.

Staff across the various offices share a content calendar for events and blog posts and do regular calls about once a week, where marketing and communications is often on the agenda. Because each regional office has its own personality and expertise, Jereme sees his role not as dictating what should be said and when, but rather talking about opportunities and suggesting specific tactics in an ongoing, productive conversation.

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