BCCC5FC95F Mixed LinksDid that seem like a long week to you? It seemed like a long week to me. Let’s start the weekend early with some Mixed Links…

Looking for tips on content marketing and SEO?Here are 46 Expert Tips For Creating Addictive Content [INFOGRAPHIC & EBOOK].

And if you plan on making 2016 the year you really invest in content marketing, you should maybe read The 3 Jobs of Content Marketing, and Why 1 Person Can’t Do Them All from Contently.

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie Ted Talk by Dan Pink on why traditional motivation and rewards aren’t as effective as people think.

Jeff Brooks dispels The strange myth about pastel colors

We’ll be talking a lot about teamwork in 2016, so see what Nonprofit Hub says about How to Turn Your Staff from a Group into a Team.

Pam Grow looks at The power of handwritten…in an email?

Here are 5 Reasons an Online Calendar is the Best Ambassador for Nonprofits By Mykel Nahorniak.

Beth Kanter will host the Nonprofit Blog Carnival this month and is calling for submissions on “What are you doing to be happier and healthier in 2016?

Nonprofit Training

January 20: How to Build a Donor Communications Plan by Kivi Leroux Miller

Just make it through the rest of the day, because remember…


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