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Good afternoon, good friends! Can I interest you in the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of marketing and fundraising? This week we’ll cover stressful nonprofit workplaces, better Facebook posts, inspiring action and more. It’s time for Mixed Links…

Beth Kanter dives into Why Nonprofit Workplaces Are Stressful and What To Do About It.

Find out How to Get Started with YouTube Messages.

Confused about boosting posts on Facebook? Here is How and When to Boost Your Posts on Social Media.

And this might help too – Facebook Experiments with A/B Testing for Page Posts.

If you operate on a fiscal year, you should Checklist Your Way to End the Fiscal Year Strong.

Roxi Morris reminds you to Tie Donors To Your Mission, Not A Tax Incentive.

Get your supporters to do something with these 5 Content Marketing Ideas that Inspire Action (With Examples).

Upcoming Events for Nonprofit Communicators

June 19 & 20: Storytelling Clinic: Craft High Impact Stories that Engage Donors & Build Their Loyalty with Rachel Muir. Registration is $119 for Part 1, $199 for Parts 1 and 2 or free with an All-Access Pass.

June 28: Streamlining Communications Decision Making: From Strategic Planning to the Daily Grind with Kivi Leroux Miller. Registration is $49 or Free with an All-Access Pass.

July 10 & 11: Writing a Donor Centered Website with Tom Ahern. Registration is $119 for Part 1, $199 for Parts 1 and 2 or free with an All-Access Pass.

Spots are filling up for the next session of our Communications Director Mentoring Program. This is a six-month mentorship with Kivi Leroux Miller and runs from July through December. Different payment options available.

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