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Good day, good friends! It’s time for the best articles, posts, tips, and more from around the world of marketing and fundraising. It’s time for Mixed Links…

If your emails aren’t being delivered, check out Landing Your Emails – Expert Email Deliverability Tips.

Jeff Bullas breaks down Why Facebook Has a Big Problem.

Feel like you’re from the wrong generation for social media? Try these 8 Old School Marketing Tactics That Work for Social Media.

Find out How the Best Newsletters Get – and Keep – Readers’ Attention.

The Agitator answers the question What Ask String Works Best?

Seth Godin encourages us to hit the snooze button on our conversations in 300 seconds.

If you’re an ED or want your ED to be a voice on social media, learn How Nonprofit CEOs Can Leverage Twitter and Instagram.

Are too many of your readers “swiping left” on your content. See 4 Integrated Content Marketing Insights From the Trenches of Online Dating to change that.

Nonprofit Training

Mar 22: Inclusive Conversations: How to Talk to Your Boss (or Co-Workers) about Offensive Communications with Antionette Kerr. Registration is $50 or Free with an All-Access Pass

Apr 3 & 4: Writing a Direct Mail Appeal Letter In-House with Tom Ahern. Registration is $119 for Part 1 Only, $199 for Parts 1 and 2, or Free with an All-Access Pass

Apr 5: Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits: Strive for GREAT, No Matter Your Budget with Peter Panepento and Antionette Kerr. Registration is $20 or Free when you pre-order the new book Modern Media Relations or with an All-Access Pass

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