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It’s time for Mixed Links…

Scott Westcott shares 3 Ways to Help Your Leader Communicate Authentically.

Check out 10 of the Best Marketing Techniques for 2019 .

Rachel Muir tells you How to Survive Nonprofit Founder’s Syndrome.

Find out Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Brand Book.

Try these 4 (Mostly) Free Ways to Appreciate Your Employees.

Are you Getting Bogged Down on a Big Project?

Jeff Brooks explains 5 things “good writers” avoid — but fundraisers embrace.

And finally, Your Brain Is A Liar: 7 common cons your brain uses.

Nonprofit Training Opportunities for You

June 4 & 6: The 7 Styles of Writing Every Nonprofit Communicator Should Master

[Two-Part Webinar Series] Learn how to master the seven styles of copywriting for more successful communications.

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June 18: Donor-Focused Digital: A “How to Write like Tom Ahern” Webinar

[90-Minute Webinar] Learn how to make your emails, social media, website, and giving pages donor-focused..

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