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Nancy Schwartz’s Nonprofit Messages Survey results show most messages are irrelevant to key audiences. Are you using “Aha! Messages” to boost your connection with your audience? With 76% of nonprofit messages not connecting strongly with their audiences, you might need to rethink some things.

Nancy also shares Communications Is Everyone’s Job: Proof Point. This video with Jeff Clarke, interim president and CEO of the Council on Foundations, will help prove why your whole staff and board are marketers for your organization.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Are you social networks like Facebook and Twitter all professional or all personal or both? Farra Trompeter and Danielle Brigida want to know how you manage your personal brand in social media this brief survey.

With the election heating up, we are keeping an eye on what the candidates are doing to connect with voters. President Obama made a great impact during the last election with social media. Will he be able to recapture that? Don Tapscott thinks he’s going about it all wrong this time in From “Yes We Can” to “We Know You”: How Obama’s New Internet Strategy May Cost Him the Election.

Wild Apricot gives us 22 High-Impact, Low Cost Social Media Opportunities for Nonprofits.

I’m always running into nonprofits (still!) who aren’t worried about their online strategy because they have older donors who “just aren’t into that.” The Pew Research Center tells differently citing recent survey results that over half of American seniors use the internet or email. Get your head out of the sand people!

John Haydon has a new free download called The Stupidly Simple Facebook Page Features Guide.


A few weeks ago our resident graphic design expert Julia Reich did a series on infographics for us. Since they seem to be everywhere right now, here are a few more resources and examples:

10 Traits of Amazingly Awesome Infographics

Infographic: Key Benchmarks from the 6th Annual Nonprofit Technology Staffing & Investments Survey

Charity Navigator’s Very First Infographic

Infographics and the Cloud

Nonprofit Marketing Training

We are taking registrations for our August session of  Direct Mail for Small Nonprofits with Tom Ahern.

Nonprofit Marketing Webinars

For Pass Holders – June 27: How to Find Emotion in Every Mission – Even Without Kids and Puppies (Featuring Karen Zapp)

For Pass Holders – July 19: Writing Thank You Notes That Inspire Future Gifts

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